Data Visualization Software for Sensibility Space

Project : Data Visualization Software for Sensibility Space

Location : –
Date : May 30, 2011

Class/Client :  AR686 Design Decision Support Systems in Architecture, Master Degree Thesis

Category : New Media and Interactivity
Technique : Processing with XML Database (collected from sensors through Arduino)
Work Date : March 15, 2011 – April, 2011
Coworker : –


The purpose of data visualization software is to visualize the recorded data, XML and video format, from the system by graph plotting and video display to supports behavioral pattern and affect recognition study for system development and evaluation. This software is made with Processing. The visualized data are

  • Affect-related behavioral data from sensors
  • Recognized affect from system processing
  • Videos of overall space and participant face view

In addition, this software also allows researcher to study each data type and their relationship in the specific range of time conveniently and concurrently through provided supportive features; timeline system, data zoom and panning, detail on mouse hover, layer of data controller, and graph plotting style.

[For the description of Sensibility Space;]

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