Bangkok Flood Map 2011 Microsite for City Research Unit

The Bangkok flood disaster in 2011 had a great influenced to Bangkokian lifestyle. Thai social and economic structure are also widespread effected. City Research Unit has collected and organized the flood-related information, such as flood area, and social and politics movement, in this interactive map. It is the summarized flood events for reference and raise the flood awareness for Bangkokian and other related-sectors through exploration of flood area, place, road, social event, and flood control. This map represents the flood event from September 6, 2011 – November 29, 2011.

[See the project page at]

Project : Bangkok Flood Map 2011 Microsite for City Research Unit

Location : City Research Unit Website []
Date : February 26, 2012

Class/Client : City Research Unit, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University

Category : New Media and Interactivity
Technique : HTML5 (Hype), JavaScript
Work Date : December 14, 2011 – February 26, 2012
Coworker : Project under ‘mor’ []

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