Face Tracking Camera+

Project : Face Tracking Camera+

Location : –
Date : June 17, 2010

Class/Client : Experimental

Category : New Media and Interactivity
Technique : OpenCV, Processing, Arduino
Work Date : June 17, 2010
Coworker : –


This experimental project allows standard webcam able to rotating and tracking face. It moves 180° rotation loop for finding face when face not found, tracking face in the latest direction when face detected, and keeping face in the center. Servomechanism was used for rotating equipment with a webcam attachment. Face and image processes in Processing+OpenCV and sends signal to Arduino for controlling servo.

About Tharit Bunteongjit



  1. any idea if its possible to do this with Quartz Composer?
    great work..

  2. could you send me the codes I was successful in detecting my face but cant figure out how to use the servos for rotation

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