Sensibility Space

Project : Sensibility Space; Ambient Space Controls through Facial Expression (Work-in-Progress)

Location : –
Date : March 26, 2010

Class/Client : AR789 Digital Design Fabrication in Architecture, AR800 Thesis, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Thammasat University

Category : Architecture and Design, Digital Design and Fabrication, New Media and Interactivity
Technique : OpenCV, Processing, Arduino
Work Date : January 30 – March 26, 2010
Coworker : –


With today ubiquitous computing, architectural design is changing to fit today human needs and lifestyle, emotion is one of it and it’s important in everyday life. To the concept of the architecture that able to senses human emotion, gives it ability of emotion intelligence, to know and response what human need – a part of Affective Computing. In Sensibility Space+, the experimental project of the concept, the system can sense simple human emotions through facial expression from image processing and analysis with OpenCV in Processing to identify emotion state by mouth and eyebrow movement. Then, computer sends signal to microcontroller (Arduino) – electronics and mechanics parts – to change architectural space by display modules (light, color, and form) to represent current user emotion.

About Tharit Bunteongjit

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  1. hi, I’m a newbie in OpenCV and I would like to ask you about how can you detect the facial feature?? any suggest algorithm or anything?? Actually, I’m the old TU student too. Nice to see you blog here. Your project is very impressive 🙂

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