Polygon Surface Offset

Project : Polygon Surface Offset

Location : –
Date : November 15, 2009

Class/Client : Assist work for Voronoi Study in AR415 Integrated Architectural Design 2: FABLAB Group, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Thammasat University

Category : Digital Design and Fabrication
Technique : Rhinoceros + Grasshopper
Work Date : November 15, 2009
Coworker : –


Rhinoceros Grasshopper script for creating surface offset as structure. The input of script are the exploded surface from polygon objects then offset surface outline to inner for creating void in each surface plane which create the structure-like form. The script also including surface normal checker from incorrect offset direction (otter offset) to correct direction (inner offset) and ables to control surface void complexity and offset length parameters.

In the example, uses Voronoi mass to create its outline structure.

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  1. alison

    hi , it looks awesome, can i hv the equation please, it would be agreat help on my project .
    please contact

  2. dalia

    Me also please!!

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