Parametric Design: ‘Turning Torso’ Case Study

Project : Parametric Design: ‘Turning Torso’ Case Study

Location : –
Date : August 24, 2009

Class/Client : AR681 Advanced Theories in Architectural Computation, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Thammasat University

Category : Digital Design and Fabrication
Technique : Rhinoceros + Grasshopper
Work Date : August 24, 2009
Coworker : –


Parametric design project by using Santiago Calatrava’s Turning Torso as a case study. The example of digital design for architecture, form, structure and elements by parameters in preliminary design phase, with Rhinoceros + Grasshopper, a visual programming.

In the example, ables to change variable – parameter of each architectural element relatively – floor number, floor height, rotation angle, core radius, truss radius, core truss radius, horizontal bracing radius, bracing height by floor number, core bracing radius, wall thickness, windows width, windows height, and windows number in each floor.

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  1. Hi there,

    Is it possible to post the definition online?


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