ARToolKit Coordinate Correction in Quartz Composer

Project : ARToolKit Coordinate Correction in Quartz Composer

Location : –
Date : July 25, 2009

Class/Client : Optimization

Category : New Media and Interactivity
Technique : Quartz Composer, ARToolKit Plug-in
Work Date : July 25, 2009
Coworker : –


Previously, the ARToolKit Plug-in for Quartz Composer from “Kineme Forum: Single Marker Detector image input for AR”1 and “Quartz Composer / How to build the Xcode project of Quartz Composer custom patch”2 have coordination error problem, the marker position and output position doesn’t match, from MatrixToParams patch are not very precision especially when marker reaches the corner. Very simple method was used to correct the error by using additional mathematic formula patch in Quartz Composer, it’s not the perfect result but usable. In this test, also added Interpolation (50-200 in 0.000001 second) for inputThreshold, Single Marker Detector, in case of vary lighting condition in scene which cause some disappearance of output.



About Tharit Bunteongjit


  1. Hello, can you give some hints – how to correct such errors?
    For me it’s seems like an camera calibration problem

  2. Hi,

    I´m currently playing around with the SingleMarkerDetector in QC and have the same issues with the coordinates at the edges.

    Could you share a description of your coordinate correction ? Would appreciate it a lot 😉

    Thanks in advance !

  3. Just like peko, i would like some tips.
    Can you send to my mail?
    It’s really annoying this calibration error!
    Thanks a lot!


    Actor and Media Art Researcher

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  5. great stuff. did you maybe have any luck with improving the accuracy?

  6. Nicholas

    Hi Tharit,

    Perhaps you can help me. I am looking for a step by step guide on how to create my own AR. I would like to use my own pattern and choose my own 3d figure/ 3d flash movie. Do you have something like this or perhaps links to where I can find it?

    something like this:

    Hope you can help this new user


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