Crossing Culture+


Project : Crossing Culture+
Selected for Ploy-Saeng 3 Exhibition

Location : Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC) and BTS Skywalk, National Stadium Station
Date : June 17-28, 2009, July 2-16, 2009

Class/Client : Ploy-Saeng 3 Exhibition by Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC)

Category : New Media and Interactivity
Technique : Quartz Composer, ARToolKit Plug-in, Tension Structure
Work Date : June 10-15, 2009
Coworker : Rath Roongrueangtantisook


Crossing Culture+ is a booth exhibit in Ploy-Saeng 3 Exhibition. The augmented reality technique was used in presentation of content, the architectural project of Redevelopment Rattanakosin area from AR416 Integrated Architectural Design 2. Each marker was programmed to open 3D model, images, and video in 3D virtual space parallel with real world space by using webcam for capturing – detecting and display by overhang monitor.


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