Green Pass (Pacific Pipes Award 2008 “Sustainable Architecture” Winner)


Project Green Pass
Pacific Pipes Award 2008 “Sustainable Architecture” Winner

Location Award Ceremony at Siam Center
Public Date March 20, 2008 (Ceremony Date)

Class/Client AR332 Building Structure 3, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Thammasat University, Pacific Pipes Award 2008 “Sustainable Architecture”

Category Architecture and Design
Work Date January 6-10, 2008
Technique Maxon Cinema 4D, SketchUp
Coworker Rath Roongrueangtantisook, Nopporn Pamornsuwan


Pacific Pipes Award 2008 “Sustainable Architecture” Winner

Green Pass, The concept of new urban over-crossing, is focus on the three points of development to create the new sustainable architecture which able to response to our urban, country, and global context in present day and future.

  1. Green Area; lack of green area in urban context with global warming crisis
  2. Over-crossing Development; many and spread exist over-crossing in urban can be develop or add more function easily that is the green area concept can be add and functional in spread area
  3. Steel Structure – Tube; to create the new form form basic round steel tube with use as structure in itself

From the water plant, use in water structured tube that make the intertwine product to use as form and pattern of structure.

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